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  • When a show changes you

    I watched the Netflix series Maid and it really moved me. Watching this young woman navigate domestic violence, motherhood and finding a way to move forward left me in awe of her strength and resilience.

    As I watched her trying to get ahead, facing so many roadblocks, it struck me that a few things would have helped her tremendously. A safe place to live with her daughter. Which would then give her an address so she could apply for a job. Good childcare. A vehicle to get to her job.

    These are things we should be able to provide to people in need. Alex (the woman in the show) stayed at a shelter and worked really hard as a maid to earn money. Watching her have to spend what little money she had on cleaning supplies for her job, going hungry because she didn’t have money for food, walking with her daughter because she didn’t have a car just stunned me.

    I take so many things for granted. The ability to drive to the supermarket and buy what food we need. To not have to worry about where I am going to live. To not have to be afraid of someone who said he loved me.

    The other night I went on the website for Wellspring – the domestic violence organization for Saratoga. They are getting things done. I saw that they have a wish list. You can even order from Amazon for some of the things they need.

    So the next time I am aimlessly shopping, I will be thinking about some people who could really use a helping hand. And with Amazon Prime it will get there in two days.